Recommended Trade Books for Adult Literacy Programs

Tips for Searching the Trade Books Database

Using the keyword search will usually provide the best search results. Type in a topic and click on the "Search Eureka!" button or select a topic from the list of keywords found by clicking on the words list of keywords under the keyword search box. The more specific the keyword, the more focused your search will be. The keywords listed below show the general topics under which books are categorized. More specific topics can also be used (Ohio history instead of history) Please be aware that search results may contain duplicate titles.

Once the search results are displayed, click on the underlined title of the book to see bibliographic information, a book summary, and teaching ideas for the book.

If you are searching by "GED Descriptor" or "Audience", you should also use a keyword. For example, if you choose the GED descriptor Science, you should also type a science topic into the keyword box, such as biology.

The Trade Books database can also be searched by EFF roles. Type the word work, family, or communities into the keyword box, then click on the "Search Eureka!" button.

Key Word List
Art and Photography Geography Religion/Philosophy
Celebration Government/Civics Science
Communities Hardships Social Science
Construction/Engineering Heroes and Heroines Sports/Recreation
Education History Transportation
Emotions-Personal Issues Literature and Language Work
Ethnic Groups Math
Family Music

Searching by EFF Roles

Information on the Books

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