Plus/Minus Signs

Results: locate all documents in the databases that have both of these words
(similar to using the AND phrase)

Results: will provide a list of links that has the word "technology" in the document but will not include any documents that has the word "computers" in the document
(similar to using the NOT phrase)

Results: sites that have "technology"and "computers" but not "Internet" When using the plus and minus sign, make sure there aren't empty spaces between the phrase and the symbol

Quote Marks/Brackets

"Technology and Computers" or [Technology and Computers]
Results: words will be treated as exact phrase Tips on searching

Read tips provided by each search engine, directory or multi/mega engine

Use synonyms if you are having trouble with a particular keyword/phrase

Decide which search tools (engine, directory or multi/mega-engine) would work best for you and your needs

Use more than one search engine or subject directory; this will expand the results of your search

Make sure the spelling of the keyword/phrase is correct

Be aware that some search tools (engine, directory or multi/mega-engine) have a percent symbol located on the side of the annotation. This indicates the amount of information that is relevant to the key words/phrases. The higher the percentage, the closer the result is to the search criteria

Remember to bookmark your findings


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