Using Technology Effectively

Email Attachments

What is an attachment?
An additional file attached to an e-mail message.

Problems with attachments

  • Different e-mail programs
  • Different operating systems and platforms (Macintosh vs.PC)
  • Different word processing programs (MS Word, Word Perfect, ClarisWorks)
  • Can contract a virus from opening an attachment (Marcos,Trojan,Worm etc.)

Tips for attachments

  • Send information that will be useful to the recipient
  • Sender and receiver should discuss format of the document (MS Word, Word Perfect, ClarisWorks, etc.)
  • Don't send really large documents: E-mail systems don't handle large documents well if at all
  • When sending several documents at once, send several different e-mail messages.
  • If you are having problems with opening an attachment try opening the document in Notepad for PC users and Simpletext for Macintosh.

When sending items Save......

  • Word documents as txt only files or RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • Spreadsheets send as tab delimited or comma delimited text
  • Graphics as GIF or BMP

Attachment tutorials and more resources

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