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Beginnings Writers on Writing

To find out how adult student authors who have been published in the Beginnings book approach the writing process, the OLRC conducted interviews with Beginnings authors. We want to thank the following students for sharing their ideas with us and with you: Fumiko Adair, Art Massengill, Ida Osborn, Carol Rudder, and Dale Sherman. Their comments about working through each step of the writing process are presented below along with tips that teachers can use to help all writers.

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Joining us again is Lyn Ford
Storyteller/story-artist with the Greater Columbus Arts Council
Affrilacian Tales Lyn Ford
Lyn Ford presents thought-provoking and uplifting tales from the sky, and an opportunity for participants to write their own sky-reaching stories.

Want To Publish your Work?

Check your local library for a writers workshop; they are usually free and an excellent way to continue to improve your writing. Check the online resources to learn about publishing your work and establishing yourself in a community with other writers. Continue to build your writing portfolio. You have been given a gift as a writer; open the box and examine the treasures. Share your work; everyone has a story to tell.

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