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My Best Season

Spring it is warm out. I can mow the lawn. And plant the graden. Ride my bike till dark. I like spring.


I was 9 years old. I was stung by a bee. In the back. I like the honey but I don't like the stinging of the bees.

I want to buy the new car. I seen in the book at work. No one likes it but me. I think it is a good looking car. And I am going to buy it.

The Toy Run

In 1993 i went on my first toy run. The toy run is a motorcycle event. For toys and food for children. My first run 200 or 300 motorcycles show up. Then in 1997 i made my last run. In 1997 10,000 motorcycles show up. All the money is for make a wish foundation.

The Bee House

I was about seventeen and I rented a farm house. It was in the winter when I rented the house. The house was warm. And the winter was cold. Well spring came and it got warm. One morning I got up out of bed. I went downstairs for coffee. And the whole living room wall was covered with bees. Honey bees. So I called the landlord. He called a bee exsterminator to kill all the bees. I spent all day long cleaning up the bees in the house. The bee man said the whole wall was full of honey. The bee get in but not out. It was bad.


We lift home in the morning. We drove to Merenak Caverns. We stopped and walked through the caves. It was very dark. The kids loved it. But I did not. My wife did not like it at all. She is not a cave person. Then off to Branson. And stopped in Springfield. Had to get a new tire for the camper, Which blew out along the road. Then off to Branson again. We camped at a campground. Then in the morning we went to the Silver Dollar City. The wife and kids loved it. We walked all day from one spot to the other. We had lots of fun for three days. Then we had to go back home. We never forgot it. And hope to return someday. It was a trip. I loved it.

My Trip

Well Saturday the 4 of March. I order a new car a 2001 P.T cruiser. Then on Wednesday the 8 we left for Florida. At 3:00 pm we got in Florida. My wife's mom and dad pick us up. We spent the night at her folks. At six the next morning we left to get on the ship Discovery from the dock in Fort Lauderdale. We did all our documentation and boarded the ship ready for six hour cruise. The first thing onboard we were sent to the dining room for a buffet breakfast. My wife pours a glass of water form a bottle sitting on our table only to find out later it was $2.75 a bottle, but the breakfast was good. After breakfast we did a little exploring of the ship and played bingo, had a drink and just relaxed in the breeze of the ocean. About two in the afternoon we reached Freeport, Bahamas. After debarking we got a cab only to find out it was the wrong one and spent the next hour getting to the hotel that should have taken fifteen minutes. Finally made it to our hotel, got checked in and set up the plans for the four day we would be there.

The first night we took a cab to jokers wild night club for a show of fire eating, nature dance, sword swolling, walking on glass, eating glass and other entertainment. The second day we went on a tour bus to the gardens and shopping. Stayed at the hotel and rested that evening.

The third day was another day of shopping and somehow missed our bus to the glass bottom boat. Luckly a city bus stopped, we explained our problem and driver (took) us the beach we were to meet the boat. We got there right as the boat was about to leave. This was the best part of the trip. We saw lots of coral and some colorful fish.

The fourth day we were pressed for time. We went on a tour bus to the caves, then walked th...... some swamps, to the beach. We were only there a short time but really enjoyed it. This was the day we had to be at the dock to catch the ship back to Florida

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