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A Business Training/Education Proposal

When students write a training or education proposal for this culminating activity, they learn about the planning and written format of a proposal. They also learn how continuous education and retraining can lead to better performance, an important concept in today's workplace. Appendix B shows an example of a tech-prep student's education proposal for this Eliza Doolittle Education Proposal Activity.

Eliza Doolittle Education Proposal

In response to Pgymalion, you are to create a proposal Henry Higgins will use for Eliza Doolittle's education. For each heading, provide a one or two sentence description.

Suggestions for Headings

  • Justification (Why is education needed? For what purposes?)
  • Methods (Action plan to accomplish proper speech)
  • Schedule (Time of day for each area she practices)
  • Capabilities (Qualifications of Eliza's teachers)
  • Materials/Equipment (Any equipment used for Liza's lessons)
  • Expected Results (Why is instruction given? What is the goal?)
  • Plan for Evaluating Results (How will her ability to speak correctly be tested?)
  • Feasibility (Probability of success of this plan)
  • Budget (a pie chart is recommended)

bullet Response Box 2: Do you have any comments about the activities? Could you use examples of newsletters, project reports or training proposals from your students' workplace settings?


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