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Locating Adult Literacy Programs In Regular Schools and Adult Education Centers: What the Learners Have to Say
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More Learners' Comments About Moving Literacy Programs into Adult Education Centers as reported by Terry (2005)

"Well, if it had college programs and stuff, I think it would be good. Because I wanted to take anatomy and physiology for the college course I want to take, but they couldn't bring it in here. I think it would be good, if they could offer courses like that."

"So long as it was in separate rooms it would be fine. That wouldn't bother me."

"I think it would be a good idea to have it all in one building. And if they want to take more computer courses, like at the Academy of Learning, they'd have the teacher right there. I think then more adults would feel more comfortable. Because then if they want to do upgrading, they can still come to this program in the same place."

"A combined adult education center would be okay, but we'd need to keep the others separate from us, so they didn't interfere with adult ed program learners. And they'd need to keep the group work for college separate from this adult ed program, too."

"Well, being housed with other places isn't bad. Because if you want to take a different course, you wouldn't have to travel across town to get to it. It's all right there in one building. You know where it is. That makes sense to me."

"It all depends where it is. If it was at a community college it would be all right. There would be lots more room. And there would be lots more books, for what the students need."

"I think that would be good, if everything was all together. I don't think it would really be a big problem. At least, not for me."

"I think that this program would really help the other students. A lot of times when you're in school, the instructors don't have time for one-on-one explaining of things. I've seen people come in, that are writing exams at the [adult high school], and they figure all these problems out before they take their exams. If it was all in the same building, that would be so convenient."

"Bad idea. I think it would distract the younger students in this program. If it was in a bigger centre, then - oh, gee, you could go to the cafeteria, and the smokers' corner, and on and on and on."

"Then it would be just another school. It would be an institution. And you'd have teacher attitudes all over again." "You'd lose that sense of home. It would be just another classroom."


Terry, M. (2005). Through the eyes of the beholders: Stakeholder experiences with two adult literacy programs that include adult and youth-at-risk learners. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Regina.

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