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Locating Adult Literacy Programs In Regular Schools and Adult Education Centers: What the Learners Have to Say
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More Learners' Comments About Moving Literacy Programs into Regular Schools
as reported by Terry (2005)

"It wouldn't bother me to go to a regular high school."

"It depends. Some students would think, 'Oh, that's good that they have that, because then they can get their education.'"

"Some people would probably feel more comfortable in a bigger building, with other high school courses in it."

"I would not go, because of all the beatings and the fights."

"It would be a stupid idea to take students back to high school where they were having problems."

"They'd have an attendance record, and you'd have to attend so much time per day. Well, if you're working, like I am, it comes to territory. You have engagements here or engagements there. Lots of people have other things that they have to do, and that's why you're an adult. You can't just cancel your whole life to go to school!"

"I've only gone back once since I dropped out, so I don't think I would like it."

"It would make me feel like I'm not really an adult. I don't think I would go if it was in a school. Maybe it wouldn't bother other people, but I wouldn't want to be with high school kids."

"I left school six years ago, and I have no intention of going back now!"

"I think I would feel a little more reluctant, for the simple fact that you're going to be going where there's a lot of younger people, younger kids."

"If I had to go to classes at high school and be with a bunch of young kids, I could be their grandpa. I wouldn't be a-scared of them or anything like that, but I just - you know, you wonder what they think of some old guy in here or whatever."

"No. No. Not in a high school. No. Because then you're still interacting with the high school and stuff."

"If the adults went to high school, most of the students there are immature. And they would probably be bugging them."

"Nobody wants to come to a school environment. That's why they dropped out. If you dumped them in a system where it's going to resemble a school, they're going to have the same problems. And you'd get new teachers with an attitude, which is the same reason ninety percent of the students here quit school.


Terry, M. (2005). Through the eyes of the beholders: Stakeholder experiences with two adult literacy programs that include adult and youth-at-risk learners. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Regina.

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