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Results - Background information

The 22 students reported they studied a variety of subjects online. The number of adults studying each subject is in parentheses: math (19), language arts reading (13), language arts writing (12), social studies (13), and science (11). Eight students were currently enrolled in the online GED course at the time of the study, thirteen students had completed the program, and one had withdrawn due to family needs. This puts the sampled participants’ success rate at 93%. Most students spent relatively little time preparing for their GED through the online option: nine students studied less than one month and eight students studied between 1-3 months. Of the two students who said they spent over a year enrolled, one offered that her medical challenges were a factor. It was determined that students who studied for short amounts of time were as successful as those who enrolled for longer periods of time. Students seemed to know when they felt ready to pass their test.

Two teachers reported spending 40% of their time assisting students and 60% on administrative duties. Another teacher spent 25% of time assisting students and 75% on administrative duties. The director reported spending 25% of time in each area: assisting students and administrative GED duties (she was also the director of Adult Basic Education and English-as-a-Second Language services).


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