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Adult Learning in Online Environments: Three Strategies to Achieve Optimal Instructional Design
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Final Thoughts

As adult learning within online environments continues its rapid growth, educators are encouraged to shift their view of technology as tools for “convenience and efficiency” to tools with which to “develop teaching strategies that truly engage” adult college learners (Wang & Torrisi-Steele, 2015, p. 18). The needs of adult college learners and delivery modes of instruction have changed, thus necessitating modifications to traditional teaching practices. As online instructors seek additional evidence-based teaching practices appropriate for adult college learners, it is equally important that they implement an andragogical teaching model that is underpinned with adult learning principles (Wang, 2013). In doing so, online instructors emphasize adult college learners’ ability to direct and regulate their own learning, which is the definitive goal of adult learning.

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