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Adult Learner's Challenge:
Passing the GED

Ruth Logan,
Reading and Education for Adult Development Center (READ)

Ruth Logan, a GED student wrote this column for two years . She did this by asking students in her learning center about problems they had. She then asked other students to suggest answers. Ruth has 'graduated' and we are looking for another adult education student to take over. If you would like to write a column send us a question. Add some solutions suggested by your friends. Do add your name.

Here is a question my adult learning center friends want answered and some answers other students suggested:

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Question: I have taken the GED test three times. I have not passed any part. What should I do now?

GED student: First make a list of things you tried to do to prepare for the test. Then you should make a list of problems you had on the test. See if these match up. I mean, see if you are doing everything you need. I tried to focus on one part of the GED at a time. I did the math first and I studied mostly math first. I didn't do well the first time but I talked to my tutor about what was hard and we made a list and I worked at one problem at a time. I almost passed the second time. I know I will pass next time.

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