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Adult Learner's Challenge:

Ruth Logan
Reading and Education for Adult Development Center (READ)

Ruth Logan looked at a paper copy of Exploring Adult Literacy and decided a column featuring an adult literacy student responding to adult learner questions was needed. Reviewers agreed. Ruth will write the first few columns. If you would like to write a column, let us know.

Hello. My name is Ruth Logan, and I came to the READ Center several years ago to work on my reading skills. During this time I heard many questions about improving reading. Do you have a question or comment you would like to share with me? If so, please write and "let's talk."I look forward to hearing from all of you readers out there.

    Question: How do you discipline yourself to study? I can't seem to concentrate on what I am doing when I am doing my homework. Is there a formula you can give me to study and to remember what I study?
    The Homework Bandit

    First let me ask you this-what do you do to get ready to study. I used to hate getting out my books and trying to do homework. Some weeks I just didn't do homework and then I wouldn't go to meet my tutor because I did not want to tell her I hadn't done any work. Here are three things I did.

  1. I set a time to study and read. I found out that I am more awake early in the morning so I decided to study 15 minutes a day. Before I tried to do it all the night before I met my tutor. I worked up to reading and studying a little longer each week. Now I read 45 minutes a day but it's taken me long to get there.
  2. I made a reading box from a plastic basket. I put pencils ,pens, paper, dictionary and other things I needed in this basket. I leave it by my chair because I like to be comfortable when I study and have everything with me.
  3. If I get confused when I am home I put a star beside that place. When I see my tutor I say here's where I didn't know what to do because_____________." Then my tutor can help me.

    . Write and let me know if you have other ideas or your own question.

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