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Activity 3: What's PCC?

Title of Activity 3: What's PCC?
Time: 60 m

To discuss PCC characteristics using audience responses.
To look at a classroom scenario and discover PCC characteristics evident in that classroom.

Key discoveries: Having participants link PCC to actual classroom activity to illustrate the power of using these characteristics.

Target audience: Teachers and administrators

Format: Small group and discussion


Facilitation notes: Facilitator has the option of using 1 or all 3 scenarios in the small groups.

Facilitator Resource:
Teacher/Learner Approach charts
Constructivist Approach charts

Links to other activities: The three scenarios link to the roles of worker, community and family member; have staff come together and create their own scenario that others can use.

Description of Activity:
Step 1: (10 min) Relate swimming/personal learning analogy and talk through PCC definitions using the overhead to talk about how we approach learning.

Step 2: (10 min) Using list from the previous activity, participants should be able to better define the concepts of PCC since their positive learning comments should be illustrative of these core concepts. Facilitator codes the responses (post-its or markers) by working with the large group as purposeful (P), contextual (CX) and constructivist (CT). Debrief and answer questions.

Step 3: (30 min) Give a classroom example where groups can identify PCC together. Use community example, family literacy and workforce (around role maps). Model one example together and then have small groups work together to discuss and complete the worksheet. Report out.

Community Member Example: The Speeding Ticket
Family Member Example: Speaking Out at a School Board Meeting
Worker Example: Utilization of Employment Ads

Handout Questions:

    EFF Connections:
    • Purposeful: How does this example meet the purposes of the learner?
    • Contextual: How is this example applicable in a real-life context?
    • Constructivist: How does this example indicate a constructivist approach?
    • Challenge: Can you identify the primary standard that will be used in this activity?

Step 4: (10min) Facilitator to wrap up the reports from small groups. Point out how this (PCC) is the bedrock of EFF and only the beginning of their learning process. To reinforce their learning, provide the "Practitioner Reflection Log" for staff to complete together at their planning sessions.

Segue: Take it to the next level and make the statement "What was the last thing you learned?" You probably chose what you wanted to learn because you had a specific reason or purpose for doing this.


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