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1. Do you have a clearly-defined list of written objectives? Yes No
2. Do you need an outside incentive to do your work? Yes No
3. Have you eliminated any time-wasters during the past week? Yes No
4. Do you feel you accomplished things at work? Yes No
5. Do you believe you need someone or something to motivate you? Yes No
6. Do you feel in control of your time? Yes No
7. Is your workspace clear before you leave work? Yes No
8. Have you conquered your tendency to procrastinate? Yes No
9. Do you feel you accomplished things at home? Yes No
10. Do you put off difficult work? Yes No
11. Can you find your remote when you need it? Yes No
12. I set daily priorities of how I will utilize my time. Yes No
13. Can you start a diffcult project on your own and see it through? Yes No
14. I know when my prime time is. Yes No
15. I leave jobs before completion. Yes No
16. I write down the most important tasks? Yes No
17. I keep a calendar. Yes No
18. I find that procrastination is a problem. Yes No
19. I try to be a perfectionist. Yes No
20. I find it diffcult to say no. Yes No

For those statements to which you answered "no" are you satisfied with your response? Goal-setting and action planning strategies which will help you manage your time more effectively.

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