This site is for Adult Education teachers and students. Everyone will be led, step by step, through exciting and interesting Web sites with activities to make them more valuable. Adult Basic Education, ABE, first through fifth grade reading and math abilities, is represented here. General Education Development, GED, sixth grade through twelfth grade abilities, also is represented. Watch for the ABE, GED labels on each activity.

The purpose of this site is to lead teachers and students through wonderful sites via detailed instructions of actually how to maneuver a Web site and how to use the site in the classroom. Once a teacher sees how, the world is opened for exploration. Topics from the news, from a textbook, or from a student are available and ready for in-depth and across the curriculum use. A pounding heart and fast breathing are the side effects of using the Web in the classroom. Stimulating is the calm description.

The sites that are used here, are from
ThinkQuest is an international, educational Web site building contest for high school students. In 1998, students from over 64 countries participated.
Judges come from all over the world. The sites are exciting, topical, informative, and often very beautiful. Teachers from grade schools to universities, from all over the world, use these sites in their classrooms. The winners of ThinkQuest receive sizeable scholarships; coaches and schools receive cash awards.
The sites are developed by teams of three students with a coach for each student. The teams often have members in different countries, sometimes all members are in different countries. The judging is based on how user friendly the site is, how well documented the information is, how well the team collaborats, how informative the site is, etc. Education usability is extremely important.
The ThinkQuest competition began in 1996. The semi-finalist and finalist sites, for each year, will be on the Web for at least ten years. The quality of information is high, the amount of information is thick, and the careful documentation of information and sources are listed in each site.
Welcome to the discovery of ThinkQuest,TQ, and the World Wide Web!
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