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Module 7: Career Outlook

Introduction: Progress is a key word in today's changing world. The global market increases competition and challenges us to progress each day. Due to this growth, jobs change rapidly and wages and current/future trends are important topics to consider when choosing an occupation.



Now go back to the home page by clicking the "Back" button on the upper left hand corner and click the "Wages and Trends" button.

Using the Drop-Down Menu in Job Families box, use the down arrow to scroll down to: "Sales". Click it once, and then hit the red and white SEARCH button on the right of the box.

Next, click "Travel Agent" under "First, click one occupations" box.

Scroll down to the "Next highlight one state" box and click the state of Minnesota. Then click the red and white SEARCH button.

Now it's your turn. Go back to the home page: (or hit the "Back" button three times.

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