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bullet How Adult Literacy Time and Technology Use Should Be Focused: Views from Learners and Teachers
Larry Mikulecky-Indiana University Bloomington Mikuleck@Indiana.edu
Donita Massengill Shaw-University of Kansas Donita@ku.edu
Laurel Disney-Michigan State University disneyla@msu.edu
(added Friday, September 02, 2011)

The purpose of this study was to document through surveys and interviews the opinions of 188 adult literacy learners and 25 teachers on the use of time and technology, and compare and contrast the views of these groups to each other. We found that adult learners attend class 6-10 hours per week and spend another 2-3 hours per week on self-study. Students indicated they would be willing to spend significantly more time than teachers estimated for working outside the literacy center if study materials were more available. Nearly all learners reported some access to computers and the vast majority indicated willingness to work at home or elsewhere with computer programs if they were available. Teacher comments, on the other hand, reflect very wide estimates and lack of information about how many learners have access to computers and would be likely to use them at home. While many learner comments were enthusiastic about the possibility of using computers for learning at home, teacher comments were much more cautious and protective of learners who were often seen as unfamiliar with technology. We advocate for a reassessment of priorities and use of resources to promote adult learning.

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