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The Ohio Aspire ABE/ASE Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics were updated in July 2014 and provide a framework used to strengthen and guide programs as they prepare students for college and career readiness. The ELA Literacy and Mathematics Standards Progression Tables show the learning path students should follow and aid teachers in:

  • planning the sequence of instruction for a specific skill or set of skills;
  • identifying specific trouble areas along the learning continuum for struggling students and facilitating learning by focusing on requisite skills;
  • creating formative assessment tools for monitoring student progress;
  • differentiating instruction or varying instructional strategies, learning activities, resources, and assessments in the multi-level classroom
For more information about the Standards Progression Tables, check out the FYI Video What are Progression Tables?

In October 2014, a group of Ohio Aspire teachers participated in unpacking the ABE/ASE Standards by identifying the priority benchmarks and writing lesson plans for the Ohio ABLE classroom focusing on those priority benchmarks. A priority benchmark is a benchmark that is deemed “absolutely essential for student success.” (Ainsworth, 2004). Identifying priority benchmarks does not eliminate benchmarks instead it distinguishes the need to know from the nice to know.

Aspire lessons are organized using these priority benchmarks into Curriculum Alignments, identified by content areas and are an effective way to organize your program’s curriculum. Lessons can be downloaded and used immediately in your classroom.

ELA Literacy Mathematics
Reading Numbers
Writing Algebra
Speaking and Listening Geometry
Language Data

When creating lessons for your classroom remember to use the Ohio Aspire Lesson Plan Templates in the development process. Eureka and the Teacher Resource Center can provide you with instructional strategies, trade books, and other authentic texts to help you begin the lesson planning process.

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