Use Math to Solve Problems and Communicate

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bullet Admit Slips and Exit Slips

bullet Agree? Disagree? Why?

bullet Brainstorming Activities (Guidelines)

bullet Cause and Effect Chain

bullet Computational Estimation

bullet Do I Really Know It?

bullet Expectation Outlines

bullet The Gallery Walk

bullet Jigsaw Groups

bullet Knowledge Ratings

bullet K-W-L Instruction Strategy

bullet List-Group-Label

bullet Mathematical Questioning

bullet Matrices or Charts (also called Semantic Feature Analysis or Distinctive Features Activity)

bullet Measurement Estimation

bullet New-Knew-Q

bullet Pólya’s Problem Solving Process

bullet Reciprocal Teaching

bullet Semantic Mapping

bullet Series-of-Events Chain and Text

bullet Strategies to Support Collaboration

bullet Think Alouds

bullet Think-Pair-Share

bullet Timeline

bullet Venn Diagrams

bullet Word Sorts

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