Exploration Teaching Ideas

In addition to the pleasure in reading the exciting, real-life adventures, the list of books offers a variety of sub-sets to use to develop specific skills. Teachers are encouraged to create their own sub-sets to suit their classroom needs.

Several books include maps tracing the paths of the explorers. Using classroom maps with a scale, students can locate the routes and cities, determine total miles covered, and in some cases, the miles per day.

  • Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure
  • Around the World in One Hundred Years
  • I, Columbus Journeys in Time
  • My Name Is York
  • My Season With Penguins

Teachers can introduce a lesson on journal writing with another sub-set of books told all or in part through diaries.

  • Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure
  • Black Whiteness
  • I, Columbus
  • My Season With Penguins

Students might enjoy comparing the exploration of men and women, using a Venn diagram strategy.

  • Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure
  • Coast to Coast with Alice
  • Far Beyond the Garden Gate
  • My Season With Penguins
  • Uncommon Traveler

  • Around the World in One Hundred Years
  • Black Whiteness
  • Buried in Ice
  • Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
  • Spirit of Endurance
  • I, Columbus

There are several pairs of books that enable students of different reading levels to work collaboratively.

  • Alice Ramsey's trip across America by car in 1909
  • Climbers who have scaled Mt. Everest
  • Sir Ernest Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica
  • Columbus' discovery of the Americas

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