Ohio History Teaching Ideas

  • Conduct then-and-now studies using the settings of the books.
  • Read nonfiction accounts of settling Ohio and then fictional accounts. Discuss the role of narrative in learning history.
  • Write narratives of other Ohio history events.
  • Select an event or person. Conduct a WWW search to learn about him/her/it.
  • Read the collection of books about early Ohioans. Characterize them, their life styles.

    Related WWW sites: [general suggestion: Go to; search on Ohio History] This is the Ohio Historical Society's main WWW site. Lots is here, including a site about the African-American Experience in Ohio and a listing of places in Ohio that are part of the National Register of Historic Places. Called the "Evolution of Ohio," this site offers maps and charts by section of the state that trace all aspects of development. Here you will find brief biographies of many famous Ohioans. The site is searchable by county, name, or occupation. This is the site for the Ohio History Central online encyclopedia.

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