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Distance Education/Learning Resources

bullet Supplemental Instructional Resources for Students - Word document

bullet Characteristics of Distance Teachers
By Dehra Shafer ( ), Distance Learning Experiment Consultant
This is a brief description of Characteristics of Distance Teachers given to Pennsylvania's pilot sites Administrators.

bullet Ten Internet Collaborative Tools
This Web site provides a list and brief definition of the ten tools one can use to facilitate a distance course. In addition, the Web site provides links to other resources for further investigation.

bullet Computer Skills Assessment By Canton City School Aspire Created by Canton City School Aspire this computer skills assessment is for potential distance learners

bullet Computer Skills Assessment By Kimberly S. McCoy
This computer skills self rating form is suitable for use to help distance educators determining their own computer competencies as well as the skills of their students.

bullet Are you a good candidate for Distance Learning? By Kimberly S. McCoy
A checklist that should assist potential distance learners.

bullet How do you know if distance education is for you? By Kimberly S. McCoy
Computer skills assessment for potential distance learners

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