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Quick and Easy High School Reading Assessments

Adolescent readers are often expected to read texts in their content classes that are too difficult for them. This guarantees failure and frustration on the part of students and teachers. By administering a simple and efficient 1-minute fluency probe, content teachers can determine which of their students are simply unable to read grade level texts. To meet the needs of students who are reading below grade level, teachers can search the Eureka Trade Books collection to find authentic alternative texts.

The following 1-minute probes, developed by Tim Rasinski at Kent State University, were drawn from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade content textbooks. Their use provides reliable data on high school students' reading ability.

Below are links to the reading passages as well as instructions for administering the probes in PDF format and a link to the electronic scoring sheet.

bullet Directions for administering the Graded Passages
bullet Computer assisted scoring for Graded Passages results
bullet Set A - Cities
bullet Set B - Intrigues and Explorations
bullet Set C - Artists
bullet Set D - Biographies

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