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The Ohio Literacy Alliance

In the fall of 2003, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation provided funding to create the Ohio Literacy Alliance (OLA), a partnership between two of Ohio's largest institutions of higher education and leaders in education research - Kent State University and The Ohio State University.
OLA is a literacy change agent charged with developing cutting edge research, resources, and professional development activities with concentration in the language arts: reading, writing, speaking, and listening for teachers and practitioners in family literacy, K-12 (public and private), and adult basic and literacy education.
OLA is an initiative comprised of educators and researchers who are committed to enriching the literacy community and creating a literacy bridge across the lifespan. The Alliance community will work to remove barriers that divide us so we can build a bridge to learn with and from each other about the literacy challenges in Ohio.

Three goals shape the work of the Ohio Literacy Alliance:
  1. Create partnerships and collaborations with various literacy communities
  2. Develop web-based professional development resources, literacy tools, and resources for teachers and practitioners,
  3. Create and share research in literacy for our stakeholders
The Ohio Literacy Alliance is no longer able to maintain this website. Please excuse any broken links.