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Time Management

The purpose of this module is to help individuals understand and apply time management skills in life. Most of the sections include a number of links that will help you gain skill in that particular area. Assessments and activities are included in most of these sections. Those using this module should begin to understand how the various sections of the module can be helpful to your success as a worker, community member, and family member.

  1. Self-Assessment -This section is the recommended starting point to help you determine the sections you might want or need to explore.

  2. Other sections include the following:

  3. Goals -Planning for the future. To accomplish and achieve.

  4. Setting priorities -This section helps you understand the importance of setting priorities in your daily life. Activities are provided to give you practice in prioritization.

  5. Organization -This section provides information about organizing your work space, your living space, and helping determine when, where, and how to organize.

  6. Manage time -This section includes calendars, worksheets, checklists, procrastination, time wasters, self-care, and more.

  7. Motivation -This section provides information concerning internal motivators and

  8. Benefits -This section lists the benefits of using good time management skills.

  9. Quick Tips -This section includes a lucky thirteen tips for time management.

  10. Resources -This section is a compilation of all of the links listed in each of the sections.

  11. EFF-Worker Role- To assist the worker in the workplace.

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