Working with Difficult People

bullet Seven Types of Difficult People

bullet ABC's of Conflict Resolution

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Have you ever met a person you can't stand?
Difficult people may not do what you want them to do or do what you don't want them to do, and you may not know what to do with them.
You can't change a difficult person, you can learn to communicate with them in ways that empower you to react with five distinct responses.

"Conflict has an emotional cost that remains after the battle is over.
Win or lose, the scares may be with you for the rest of your life. People spend their lives focusing on the promotion they 'lost,' the business they 'lost,' the divorce they 'lost,' the project they 'lost.' This tunnel vision keeps them gripped, locked in their own anger. The small battles between partners, parents and children, employees and bosses take a significant toll.
Productivity and satisfaction, in business and personal relationships, come from are ability to collaborate with others. When you are resolved, you can fully focus on the tasks at hand. Your efforts are undiluted. Unresolved conflict, on the other hand, is an impediment to productivity and to satisfying, functional relationships. In today's world of 'knowledge work,' focus and creativity are essential. It's impossible to be fully productive when you are angry. That's why getting resolved about the situation that's sapping your strength and attention is very important."

-Stewart Levine

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