Once upon a time, there was a learner who did not know anything about using the magic of the Internet. This very curious learner came to ThinkLink and was transformed into an Internet star learner! This star learner began by discovering some bits of Internet magic and after that, was able to make his/her own Web magic. This is the path of every star learner:
In the beginning, one of the first bits of magic a star learner discovers is that the mouse moves the cursor on the screen. Most of the time that cursor is an arrow ( ). Sometimes, when that cursor scurries across the screen, poof, magic, it turns into a hand (). When that happens, the star learner knows that if he/she clicks while the cursor is a hand, the screen will change. This is a link to another place. Sometimes this link goes to another place within the site the star learner is already in and sometimes this link goes to another site on the Web.

Two really valuable bits of Internet magic, the "Back" arrow () and the "Go" list!

( )

Both will quickly take the star learner places desired with relative ease.

Let the star learner proceed with two more bits of Internet magic!

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