Now, the last bit of Internet magic, the "Print" option. This is very strong magic and must be handled with a great deal of care and thought. Permission from the person in charge of printing is mandatory before each and every use of the "Print" button. ( ) Printing ink and paper are very expensive, as are the printers!!! This magic requires research, every single time, before printing ANY page from the Internet (or CD encyclopedias also).

There are three very basic considerations that must be dealt with EVERY single time printing is thought of as an option. FIRST: How long is the page? Remember, there is often more to the page than what is on the screen. The star learner needs to scroll down the page until the page stops. If there are two full screens on the page, depending on screen size, that will roughly equal one printed page. So, if there are many full screens on a page, printing could be extensive! SECOND: What is on the page? #1 Photographs, if they do print (sometimes they don't and that area is just blank on the page), take a lot of ink and are always slow to print! #2 Background color, if the background color is black, the page will print lots of black. This is very expensive and can be messy. If this is a "gotta have", get a computer wizard to help cut and paste this page into a word processing document and print the information from there. THIRD: If all is well with the first two considerations, and the item to be printed is to be given to many people, like an entire class, consider printing one copy and taking that to the copy machine.

Now, after considering all of these points, the star learner is eager and ready to print, so the cursor arrow is directed to the picture/icon line at the top
and stops on the picture/icon that is a printer with the word "Print" underneath. Click on that picture/icon and the usual window pops up that asks how many copies, etc.
Basic Internet magic will lead the star learner to a pounding heart and fast breathing as the excitement of the wealth of information becomes more and more useable and accessable to the star learner!

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