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Journal Writing as a Tool to Enhance Adult Literacy Processes (Page 4)
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The Turning Point

Earlier this year Bob won a trip to the Bahamas in a sweepstakes contest. Before leaving he indicated that he would write about his trip, and he even bought a new book. This initiative was a big turning point. We did not discuss the journal much before he left. When he returned he had a few pages written. They were the longest entries he had ever written (Link to: My Trip). He says he didn't stay with his plan to write something each day. He is still writing about the trip from memory.

A qualitative difference exists between his most recent entries and his first ones. He uses more words, writes longer sentences, and is bolder with ideas. For example, his first entry on his favorite season consists of five short sentences. The last entry is chronologically organized, with more complete sentences and exploration of ideas. He writes that they "did all our documentation and boarded the ship ready for six hour cruise" and about relaxing "in the breeze of the ocean" (Link to: My Trip). He says the confidence to sit down and write makes him feel like "a better person." He finds journal writing "interesting" and believes there is a connection between writing and reading. (Link to: Part 3). He says that when he writes he can now visualize the words, something he could not do before. Reading gives him the ability to put more words down on paper.


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