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A Business Project Report

In this culminating activity, students worked in groups to write a project report for the selection, Beowulf, in a business writing format using headings and bullets. The following instructions for the activity were distributed:

Beowulf Project

You are in a managerial position at Monsters Eradicators, Inc. You gave been assigned a project of ridding Herot of the monster, Grendel, and establishing a safe existence for the Danes. To complete this project, you have sent your best hero, Beowulf, to eradicate the monster. Now your group of three must write the report of the success of the project. One person (data processor) will be in charge of typing the report in final format. One person (writer) does most of the writing. The third person (supervisor) is in charge of making sure each person has the necessary materials/information to complete the task. The supervisor is also responsible for writing several sections of the report and seeing that the day's portion of the report is completed and turned in on time.

Suggestions for Headings

  • Assessment of Problem (identify the location, who is involved, what is happening)
  • Goals/Objectives/Proposals (tell the outcomes you expect; begin each with to . . .)
  • Man-power/Materials (how many people, weapons, supplies, etc.?)
  • Procedures (What specific action will be taken? Who will take the action? Where? In what order?)
  • Evaluation/Overview (What happened? What is the outcome of the actions taken? Success? Failure?) Suggestions/Follow-up (Think of possible outcomes that could result from the action you have laid out. Suggest ways to prevent further problems.)


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