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Administrator's Challenge:
Partners for Progress

John S. Oehler
Virginia Commonwealth University

The first edition of an electronic journal ought to cause a stream of excited electrons to create a fireworks display or a light show. A more realistic vision may be that of current information made readily available and shared by many partners in the educational process.

Last evening I attended the kick off for my University's $125,000,000 fund raising venture. Someone decided that "Partners for Progress" is the appropriate slogan to capture the spirit of alumni, friends, foundations, and businesses working together to raise funds to help a research university move toward the 21st Century. I like the idea of progress and partnership. Perhaps this is why I said, "Yes" to the request to place an electronic journal on the VCU School of Education's web page. As an administrator, dean, department chair, principal, lead teacher we sometimes can make a difference, support progress and encourage partnerships. One of our roles is that of enabler who offers encouragement and seeks resources to help others make progress.

A favorite slogan of mine, is from the 1950s which Dupont, the chemical giant, used widely: "Better Living through Chemistry." Perhaps this new electronic journal will lead to "Better Living through Sharing" of research. Through the electronic medium we call the Internet, faculty in colleges, universities and schools will likely find this new journal an effective way of networking. They will be more able to bring research and best practice to bear on teaching and learning.

My challenge to colleague administrators is to ask that we become active partners in this exciting electronic venture. Sometimes we need to take risks to find resources and fund new ideas. As we move forward to support this new partnership let us share ideas and strategies which can make this dream a reality.

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acceptance date: 12/7/96