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Problem-Solving Introduction

There are many ways to solve problems. The problem solving process used here has five steps:

    1. Define the Problem - this is the step where you think about what problem needs to be solved.
    2. Identify Options - in this step you think about the things you can do about the problem.
    3. Identify the Best Solution - in this step you take a look at all the options from step two and decide which one or ones would work best.
    4. Plan How to Achieve the Best Solution - once you have picked one or more of your options, you need to plan how you will carry it out.
    5. Evaluate Results - once you have carried out your plan you need to decide if it worked the way you wanted it to.

When solving problems you will probably need to repeat some of the steps.


Line Define Problem

Identify Options

Identify Best Solution

Plan How to Achieve Best Solution

Evaluate Results

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