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What is the connection between your energy level and your success? Obviously, it is important to have the energy to accomplish the goals that you have set and manage the use of your time wisely. The following are provided for you as your seek to improve:

Energy - "the capacity for vigorous activity"

What are your energizers-where you get energy? (see examples below)

What are your own exhausters--energy drains? (see examples below)


Bad News Sunshine
Sickness Exercise / Sports
Overwork Laughter
Heavy Meal Music
Bored Meditation
Rainy days Time Alone
Friends Friends
Food Food
Work Work
Family commitments Family commitments
    Have a positive outlook on life
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Look for the good in everything
  • Choose friends and activities that are positive energizers.
    Schedule a High-Energy Day
  • Be an early riser - get 8 hours of sleep
  • Get motivated - listen to music, or read something inspiring
  • Get physical - stretch or exercise daily
  • Eat breakfast
  • Allow yourself plenty of time - not to be rushed
  • Listen to upbeat music throughout the day
  • Be early to work
  • MAKE TIME for a break at lunchtime
  • Get away from your workstation regularly - eat light foods for energy
  • Breaks allow:
  • Your brain to switch hemispheres
  • Releases tension
  • Deep breathing technique allows oxygen to the brain and mind

  • Plan your most challenging work during your prime time of the day
  • Review your success daily
  • Soft music for going home separates the workday from your personal life

Some of this material was adapted from Energy and Success: Time Management written by Diane M. Eade

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