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What is meant by positive self-talk?

Too often, we send ourselves negative messages:

"I never have been able to do that." "I am just a�" "I always mess up." "I have always had problems taking tests." "I am always late."

Do you see a pattern here?

    • Negative self-talk is often used to take away the threat of someone else saying those things to you.
    • Negative self-talk is often used as an excuse for your short comings.
    • Negative self-talk is remembered much more easily than the positive self-talk.

If you have practiced negative self-talk most of your life, you will need to work hard to change that habit-and it is a habit.

    • In order to break a bad habit, you need to replace it with a good habit, and to do that, you need to practice the new, good habit regularly and over time.
    • Check out the TOP 10 Tips for Creating Postivie Self-Talk and start your new positive you.

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