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T F 1. If I print, copy, and distribute material from the Internet I am not violating the copyright law.
T F 2. If an article on-line doesn't have the copyright symbol, then it is not consider copyrighted material.
T F 3. The copyright law protects an on-line web page document.
T F 4. If the owner of the copyrighted item doesn't protect their copyright works, they lose it.
T F 5. E-mail messages that are posted on-line aren't considered copyrighted material.
T F 6. Items on-line that aren't considered original work are blank forms, short phrases, names, titles, facts, and ideas.
T F 7. It is legal to use a small portion of copyrighted material for education purposes.
T F 8. It is illegal to scan images out of a book or magazine to one's web site.
T F 9. Individuals, who are affiliated with an education institution aren't allowed to use copyrighted text material or motion media from the Internet without obtaining permission from the owner.
T F 10. When obtaining permission to use copyrighted material, it is not necessary to contact the owner of the copyrighted works.

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