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Submission procedures - Submit your article, with abstract, as an e-mail attachment to dbaycich@literacy.kent.edu

There will be two reviewers for each submission. Cover sheet should include author(s) name(s), affiliation, position, address, and e-mail address if available. Author's names and affiliation should not appear anywhere else in the article. Receipt of manuscript will be acknowledged and the review should be completed within 8 weeks.


Send questions or comments to dbaycich@literacy.kent.edu

Length - preference is for articles to be less than 1500 words; for columns, less than 500 words.

Format - headings should facilitate scanning for relevant/needed information. To take advantage of the electronic media we encourage interactive and branching articles. This may mean different things to different people. For example, one reader responded "It means dialectical, dialogue, exploratory. Like this."

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Content (practical, field-based) - articles should have relevance to practitioners. Summaries of previously published papers may be accepted if an appropriate attribution and permission is provided, and this brief form stresses or clarifies practitioner application.

Style - APA style, 7th edition. Writing style should be clear, versus cryptic. Brief descriptive anecdotes, examples, and clear instructional steps/guidelines are encouraged. When extended excerpts are included, the submitting author is responsible for obtaining needed permission from authors or publishers.

Research base - brief description of appropriate theoretical and research base for concepts presented is desirable. Qualitative or quantitative support of practical ideas is acceptable.

Contribution to journal balance - the goal is to speak to varied needs and interests. Preference will be given to articles providing this balance.

Right of reply - our goal is to encourage readers to question, respond to, or add to, any article. Authors have a responsibility to answer any questions/requests received within a year of publication. Authors may reply to reader's comments.

Copyright - this material will be published on the Web. Web copyright laws are currently under review. The material is assumed to be copyrighted when you have finished writing and dated your copy.

We ask that fair-use guidelines be followed. Single or group copies (unaltered with byline/journal name) may be made as long as this is for non-profit, educational use.

Editing - the editorial board reserves the right to edit and adapt format and length to meet audience needs and electronic format. Authors will have the opportunity to comment on final format.

We would like to hear your comments on our guidelines. Please suggest what you would like added/deleted.

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