The Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses
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The movie, Outbreak, is a super ending for class work done on viruses. You may print the movie questions so you can answer them while viewing the movie. Answering the questions during the movie helps you to notice more in the movie. Almost everything you have read on the the virus site becomes clear in this movie. Outbreak is especially fun when you already know so much! You will see how close to reality many of the situations are. Have fun! Enjoy how smart you are about viruses. This is a GED activity.

Ask to print out these directions and questions.

Just before viewing this movie,
  • Go to
  • Enter the site by clicking on the small, yellow "Enter" word at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the major section, Virus Profiles.
  • Click on Marburg/Ebola.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on "next page". Have the class look at the microscopic view of the Ebola cell. When viewing the movie, and the Motaba cell is shown, notice that it looks just like the Ebola cell viewed before the movie. Enjoy!


1995 - 128 minutes- Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Spacey

Questions to answer while viewing:

  1. What was the month and year of the opening situation?

  2. Who was with Billy?

  3. Where was this?

  4. How many levels of biosafety were there?

  5. Which biosafety level was the deadliest and name one virus found there?

  • When Kernel Sam Daniels was sent to Africa, what country is he sent to?

  • What sort of zone was this place labeled? _________ Why?

  • What does incubation rate mean?

  • What does a 100% mortality rate mean?

  • What is a carrier, or host? What was the one here?

  • Who was the native man who stayed in the cave all week? What was his explanation for the horrible thing that happened?

  • What country did the ship come from that had the monkey trapped?

  • What is the CDC and where is it?

  • What does the CDC do?

  • Where did Sam Daniels and his crew go to in Africa?

  • What did General Billy Ford do with this new virus sample?

  • What facility was the monkey first taken to? What city in California was that facility located?

  • What did the monkey do to James/Jim in the car and why was this significant?

  • Why did Rudy not want the monkey?

  • What did Jim do with the monkey then?

  • What town did Jim fly to?

  • What happened to Henry in the lab and why was this significant?

  • What was discovered to have had happened to the internal organs of one of the victims when a post mortem was done?

  • How long did the incubation period seem to be?

  • In what town and state did the movie theater episode take place?

  • Who was the man that collapsed? How did he get sick?

  • What did “clean sweep”, or convenient containment mean? (It was alluded to in the
    beginning of the movie.)

  • Why would this be convenient?

  • What happened in the hospital that made the problem worse?

  • What was the knowledge gained about what they were dealing with?

  • What did McClintock order for Daniels?

  • Where was Daniels ordered to be?

  • What was the significance of Ford saying, “You were never here” and Daniels' response that yes he was here?

  • What do you think of the people who tried to run out of town in their trucks and shot at the helicopters? Were they right or wrong?

  • Which strain of virus did the monkey that left in the pet shop have?


  • What was the significance of the E1101 experimental Yale antiserum?

  • Major Saul tested this antiserum on the pet shop monkey. What kind of monkey was it?________________________ (This type of monkey is often used in medical and psychological experiments.)

  • What happened to Casey, in the lab, when he got sleepy? What was the significance of this?

  • What was discussed at the White House? What would be your vote? Was this a complete discussion of the possibilities without Colonel Daniels being present?

  • What happened to the pet shop monkey which had been given the experimental

  • What happened to Robby when she tried to help Casey after he collapsed?

  • What happened to the bodies of the victims in this town?

  • What was McClintock trying to protect, besides himself?

  • How many hours of flying time did Saul have? Is this considered a lot?

  • What excuse did McClintock give for ordering Daniels shot?

  • What building, in what town was the helpful Mrs. Paganeti located in?

  • What was the name of the ship Daniels was looking for?

  • Where was the host? What was the name of the place?

  • What was the name of the host?

  • What was the name of the news program Daniels took over?

  • What was the greatest concern of the little girl?

  • What was Daniels' response to this?

  • Why was this host needed?

  • What did Daniels say about following orders to the bomber pilots?

  • What does incinerate mean?

  • How did Ford tell Daniels what could be done to stop the Clean Sweep?

  • What did the bomber pilot say might have happened to explain where the
    bomb hit? Possible___________________________________?

  • What did Ford say McClintock was arrested for?

  • What is a pandemic?
  • Wow! What did you think of the Motaba cell picture?

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