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Comic Strip Pictures

Here there are three hand drawn comic strips to stimulate the imagination. This may give a bit more help in developing a story as the plot is laid out for the student. The plot can be whatever action the student interprets from the comic strip. This will work well for ABE.

The students will want a print out of the directions.
  • Click on the link at the top of the page.
  • Click on the desired comic strip.
  • Look at the comic strip. Think about what is happening. Who is there? What are the characters’ names? Who isn’t in the comic strip, who can’t be seen? How do the characters feel? What do the characters want or need? What is the problem? How do they solve it? Is the story funny, sad, dramatic? How do the surroundings make a difference for the story?
  • Use these questions and the picture to develop a story. Use pen and paper for writing.
  • [As of this date, there is no option to submit the students’ stories. If students want to try to submit: Scroll down to an empty box and click in the box. This will bring the cursor into the box which allows you to type in the box. If students have e-mail addresses, type in every question box, type in a title for the story and type in their stories. Then the students would click on SUBMIT. The problem with submitting may be corrected at any time.]
  • When done writing,
  • Click on “Read Previously Submitted Stories for this Comic”.
  • Read. How was this story different? How was this story the same as the story the student wrote?

Click here for equivalent page for students.

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