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Story Starters

Here is help beginning stories! Nobody has to pull ideas out of thin air. The ideas here are just the beginnings of sentences in many fiction categories. This activity will work with ABE and GED.

Print out directions for students.

With Story Starters the students will:

  • Click on the above link.
  • Select one of the following categories: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance, and Science Fiction.
  • Click on the category you want.
  • Read the story starters in that category.
  • Select one of the sentence fragments. [As of this date, there is no option to submit your story. If you want to try to submit: Scroll down to an empty box.If students have e-mail addresses, they need to type in every question box, type a title for their stories and type in their stories. Then click on SUBMIT. The problem with submitting may be corrected at any time.]
  • The students will want pen and paper at the computer to copy the story starter - sentence fragment. Then they may continue writing their own stories either on paper or on the computer in a word processing program.

When students are finished writing, they are encouraged to:

  • Scroll to the end of the page.
  • Click on the words, “your story”, in the sentence - “To view your story go to Read Previously Submitted Stories”. They will read stories written by other students.
  • Scroll down and select any title.
  • Click on the title.
  • Read.
  • Click on the BACK button.
  • Select another story to read.

*For students who have difficulty with choices, limits may have to be given. One such limit might be the choices are only in Drama today.

*Another limit could be that the choices are the first and second in a category such as mystery.

*With early level ABE students, this site might be another way to give experience with ordinal numbers. For example an assignment could be to use the fourth selection in the adventure category.

*With students who have difficulty with a long list of directions, the teacher could have Collab-O-Write up on the computers and the desired beginning sentences on the screen.

Click here for equivalent page for students.

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