The Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses
Jenner and Pasteur
Military Uses

Jenner and Pasteur-GED

This section gives a very brief idea of early biological experimentation. Jenner and Pasteur are not explored in any detail. Only the subject of their experimentation is discussed. The readings are very short. The language would make it most usable for GED. There are reading comprehension questions here in ThinkLink. These are followed by an essay question which asks whether these scientists were morally right to experiment as they did. There are some guiding questions for students to help deal with the essay topic. This is an easy and intriguing introduction into a study of viruses.

Teachers may prefer to go to this place in the student section of ThinkLink in order to print out the directions, questions, and essay topic to hand out. The directions would need to be printed out for the student to follow through the site. Also, the student could write the answers to the questions as they read.
  1. Click on the link at the top of the page.
  2. Read the opening to this site.
  3. Scroll all the way down the page.
  4. Click on Enter.
  5. Click on Virus Basics.
  6. Click on Vaccines in the yellow print in the “Table of Contents” box, under History, on the right side of the screen.
  7. Read about Jenner.
  8. Click on the yellow print at the bottom of the page reading, “next page”.
  9. Read the first paragraph of “Discovery of a Virus”. Just read about Pasteur.

  1. What did Jenner discover?
  2. When?
  3. Did Jenner know how dangerous his experiment was?
  4. What diseases did Jenner work with?
  5. Who did Jenner experiment on first?
  6. Who did Jenner experiment on second? Name?
  7. What did Pasteur discover?
  8. When?
  9. Who did Pasteur use to experiment on?
  10. Did Pasteur know what he had discovered?

Jenner and Pasteur both made valuable discoveries that helped science create life saving vaccines for people. In the process of developing their ideas, both used young boys, even a young son, to help them prove their ideas.

Jenner and Pasteur made discoveries that helped people in the future. They both used children for experimenting with their vaccines.

What do you think? Were Jenner and Pasteur morally right to use young boys in their experiments to save many lives? Were Jenner and Pasteur morally wrong to use young boys in their experiments? [Work toward using 200 words in your essay. You will need to be able to do this for your GED test.]

State the topic. Give your opinion.
Ask questions, in your essay, about the things you do not know, but would like to know in order to be more informed about this topic.


  • How would your feelings be different if you were a parent at that time?
  • In the present time?
  • How would your feelings be different if you lived at that time and had no idea how these experiments would end?
  • How would your feelings be different if you lived at that time and could look into the future and see how beneficial these experiments would be? Many things to think about and discuss. Stay steady in your opinion.

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