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Editor's Choices: Links for Literacy Practitioners

There are now so many adult literacy sites on the web that literacy practitioners prefer to check out recommended sites. See Managing the Adult Literacy Information Goldmine. This page will serve as an ongoing reference list. We are starting with editors' suggestions and will add links you recommend. If you maintain a site and would like EAL to provide a link to that site please let us know. Editors will check out the link, and then add it below.

N. Boraks
The most useful site is still my own state resource center.This site provides links to student, tutor, administrator and research literacy sites. Check this out and check out the literacy resource center in your own state.
(Virginia Adult Education & Literacy Centers)

M. Cecil Smith
Here are some useful sites pertaining to adult literacy. All provide useful links to other sites.
(National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy)
(National Center on Adult Literacy)
(National Institute for Literacy)
(Adult Literacy Resource Institute)

Linda Thistlethwaite
I found several sites recently on using picture or predictable books with secondary readers. I think this one would be most interesting for tutors and teachers working with adult readers.

Picture Books for Secondary Students
This site gives an listing of picture books for secondary students. No annotations. These are sophisticated picture books and worthy of discussion and exploration.

If you would like to add a site please note the address here.

Reader's Suggested or Requested Sites

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