Welcome to a story writing site. There are many fun activities for creative writing. There are stories to be finished. There are story starters. There are pictures and comic strips to write stories about. You will be able to read stories other students, from other places have written. Most activities will be for ABE and GED.

The following are the activities for Collab-O-Write:
  1. Add to an Existing Story-Finish Story-use already written paragraphs to finish a story. ABE and GED
  2. Add to an Existing Story-use already written sentences to begin a story. ABE and GED
  3. Write A Story From an Illustration-select one of 13 pictures to write a story about. ABE
  4. Write a Story From a Comic-select one of 3 comic strips to write a story about. ABE
  5. A list of writing tips. This is a valuable list of things to think about and remember when writing. There is a link list to Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors that is a very long list of links. The links deal with grammar, writer's, copyright, frequently asked questions, etc. It is worth viewing. ABE and GED

This site gives you many ideas. You don't have to think up everything all by yourself. The creative juices will flow. You will write with new ideas and lots of help. Let yourself go!

  • Ask to print out directions for each activity.
  • When entering a ThinkQuest site, you will often see a separate box/window on your screen. This is a disclaimer box/window. At the top left of this small box look for a tiny gray box. This is the close box. Click on it and the box/window will close.
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