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Career Exploration

.5 credit

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Welcome to the Roseville Adult High School's Career Exploration Course! This project is funded by GTE and supported by the Ohio Literacy Resource Center.

Audience The Roseville Adult High School students who are seeking career guidance or elective diploma credit. In addition, other interested persons are welcome to explore this curriculum.


1. Help learners develop skills that will allow them to explore their own interests, personality and values specific to careers and occupational development.

2. Provide learners with the world wide web (WWW) resources to help them research and explore jobs, industries and training options.

Objectives Learners will complete 9 modules that will help them to...

  Course Delivery

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Completion Dates and Grading

This is a self-paced course. It can be completed in about eight weeks. Learners may begin the course at any time throughout the school year.

Grading: This is a pass/ fall course. Passing is dependent on the quality of the completed assignments.

Career Exploration Modules

Below is a list of modules (lessons). Complete each module before going to the next one. You may return to this location at any time within any module by clicking on this symbol: Return to the Roseville Adult High School Main Page

Begin the course by clicking on Module 1.

Module1: Who am I? Part I

Module 2: Who am I? Part II

For Instructor: Module 2: Who am I? Part II

Module 3: Specific job with your interests

Module 4: General by search engine

Module 5: Employer Specific

Module 6: Careers by location

Module 7: Future Trends, Outlook

Module 8: Goal Setting

Course Evaluation

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