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  • 100 Tips for Parents
      The introduction states: "These tips have been created to help you become more involved in your child's education. As a more involved parent, you improve your child's chances to be successful in school. For each topic, you will find suggestions for how you can obtain additional information and assistance." Topics include computers, homework, parents' rights, reading, special education, testing, violence, and more.

  • CDLP Adult Learning Activities
      The purpose of this site is to help adults improve basic skills like reading and spelling using real-life stories on topics of interest to adults. The stories are based on real life situations of interest to adults. Many came from television news stories. Some of the stories are now more than a year old, however, and things may have changed in that time. There is a separate section for teachers and adult educators that can be accessed by selecting the For Adult Educators link at the top of the homepage.

  • The E-Square
      Take a virtual tour of E-Squares three city blocks of useful, informative store fronts. Each store in E-Square covers a different topic on everything from getting a job to early child hood education to rental agreements and buying a home.

  • The Family Education Network
      The Family Education Network is a source of educational content, resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids. Kids can play Fun brain where fun and education meet, and parents can learn how to do their children's homework first, so they can teach it to them. Teachers can manage grades and assignments, make online quizzes, build a class website, and print online books

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