Family Literacy

Research on Reading for Adults

  • Affecting Change in the Literacy Practice of Adult Learners: Impact of Two Dimensions of Instruction.
      Scroll down for the link to this resource. The two instructional dimensions investigated were (a) degree of authenticity of the activities and texts employed in the literacy class and (b) degree of teacher/student collaboration around activities, texts, assessments, and program governance. The construct of authenticity for this study was defined as those literacy activities and purposes used by people in their lives, excluding those that are structured solely around learning to read and write in school settings.

  • The Partnership for Reading: Adult Education Reading Instruction
      This site includes evidenced-based practices for teaching reading to adults in adult basic education and family literacy programs. As parents improve their literacy , they are better able to engage with their children in literacy related activities.

  • Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction
      This document contains the best information available about how adults learn to read. This information can be used by Family Literacy practitioners who are helping parents improve their literacy skills.

  • Review of Adult Learning and Literacy

  • Taking Literacy Skills Home
      Research finds that use of authentic reading materials in class increases learners' out-of-class literacy activities.

  • Quotes on family and education (Refresh to see another quote)

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