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This is a wonderful tool for having students become accustomed to clicking back and forth through an Internet site. The information is easy to obtain. The use of that information has two applications. All are very doable and yet all have great educational value.

This does not have difficult reading. Comfort with clicking back and forth in the site, subtracting one large number from another, and graphing the result are the major qualities of this activity. This is a GED & upper level ABE activity.

The teacher prints out both the table of Life Spans and the graph of Years Lived and copies these for each student. Hand out the table of Life Spans.

Have the students click on the link at the top of the page:

  • Click on the Index of Black History Related Postage Stamps. This gives them the list of names to choose from.
  • Click on a name. The dates of the birth and death are listed on the sidebar.
  • Write these dates in the Life Spans table along with the name.
  • Click on the BACK button to go to another name to click on.
  • When the table is full, the student is done with this site. [Students have complete directions.]

Once the table is completed, the graph of Number of Years Lived may be handed out. A bar graph is suggested. Use colored pencils.

A possible extension of this would have the students use the same life spans to make a line graph. This would show how the same information can be graphed differently and how the same information looks different using different graphing methods.

Click here for equivalent page for students.

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