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This activity offers a picture to go along with historical information. A picture can really bring the information to life, especially for the visual learners. Some students may enjoy coloring it. Others would choose to use it to accompany their writing.

This activity allows the student to "get to know" one person in Black history and write about that person. The reading and writing will help the student remember this important person in Black history. These are the basic directions. The complete directions are on the student page. These need to be printed out for the student.

This first activity is for GED. Following this is the ABE level activity.


  1. Click on the link at the top of the page.
  2. Scroll down to: COLORING BOOK.
  3. Choose the person on the list you most admire.
  4. When that picture comes on screen, print the picture by CLICKING on the PRINT button near the top of the screen and to the right of center. You may color this picture if you like. (Note: the name of the person sometimes prints out on a separate sheet of paper from the picture. Just so you know.)
  5. Click on the link below in order to look this person up and read about what this person did to become important in American history.
  6. Scroll down the page until you see the name of the person you have chosen.
  7. Click on that name. Read about the person.
  8. With the picture, write WHAT the person did to become famous AND then write a paragraph explaining WHY you admire this person.

ABE activity: The ABE activity can be used at the upper or lower level. Reading can be done aloud by the teacher or in turns by the students.

  1. The teacher would have the class choose one of the people on the coloring book list.
  2. The teacher would print out and copy the picture of that person. (Note: the name of the person sometimes prints out on a separate sheet of paper from the picture. )
  3. The students may color the picture if they wish.
  4. The students click on:
  5. The students click on the name of the person the class selected.
  6. Together, the class reads about the one person. Students could take turns reading aloud. The teacher could read the selection aloud.
  7. On the picture or on a separate piece of paper or on the computer, in word processing, each student writes a sentence telling what he/she admires about this person in Black history.

Click here for equivalent page for students.

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